Species Monitoring


In the Pacific Northwest, there are a variety of aquatic species that are monitored. Monitoring can occur in the mainstem and tributaries of rivers, estuaries, at locations where migration may be impeded, such as hydroelectric facilities or barriers where streams intersect with roadways, and at hatcheries. In addition, populations may be monitored during migratory periods and regular harvest seasons. Monitoring the habitat that aquatic species live in goes hand in hand with monitoring the species themselves. See the watershed monitoring page for additional information about habitat monitoring.

What We Do

Due to the large number of species listed under the Endangered Species Act (ESA), a large percentage of monitoring in the region is focused on fish populations. Much of the monitoring for ESA listed species is driven by multiple institutional mandates and competing priorities that are managed by multiple federal, state, tribal, public and private interests. Due to this complexity, PNAMP supports collaboration between monitoring programs in order to develop coordinated fish species monitoring plans and share data.

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