Monitoring Design


Developing a monitoring design during project preparation is essential for any project. The design should include specifics related to where, when, and how you will collect information. It will also specify how you will analyze collected information to meet the goals and objectives of the project. Developing a comprehensive and clear monitoring design can be very complicated. For more detailed information, please visit the Monitoring Resources User Sample Design Files. Monitoring Resources provides examples of monitoring design projects and provides guidance on constructing a monitoring design.

What We Do

PNAMP supports the regional community with respect to monitoring design by convening working groups to discuss best practices for designing monitoring programs and by disseminating information about information and tools that have already been developed, such as previously developed monitoring designs on Monitoring Resources. In addition, PNAMP has several projects whose ultimate goal is to develop products and tools to support practitioners in designing projects (see the Monitoring Resources, Methods Review, and Master Sample Tool Projects). Data management is an essential part of the design process that is also a main focus of and highly supported by PNAMP. Please visit the Data Management Topic page and its related Project pages for more detailed information.

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