Data Management


Data is the currency of a monitoring program. From its collection, through processing, to its ultimate synthesis and application, the way data is managed is the measure of the quality of a monitoring effort. PNAMP partners require access to high quality monitoring data to guide their efforts in aquatic habitat and species management, yet for many this is an unmet need. In response the federal, state, tribal, and NGO monitoring practitioners in the Pacific Northwest are looking for ways to enhance their business practices supporting data management, adapt new ways to share data, and build the individual and collective infrastructures that support best practices for data management.

What We Do

PNAMP supports the regional community of aquatic monitoring practitioners to develop best practices for data management and data sharing. This is accomplished through a standing Data Management Leadership Team and active working groups that focus on developing and implementing metadata guidance and tools, developing data sharing templates, and developing local and regional data sharing strategies. In addition PNAMP facilitates strategic conversations among data collectors, data stewards, and data users to promote the health of the data life cycle within regional monitoring efforts.

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