Monitoring Focus

What is monitored?
Monitoring and evaluation of aquatic species and habitat is important so information can be collected about a species to help reduce uncertainty and support natural resource managers in making decisions about future actions. Collected information can provide baseline information for evaluating the status and trends of populations and for determining migration patterns and survival.

Designing a Monitoring Program

How can we do better with monitoring?
Adequate access to monitoring information, analyzed data, and reports is a critical and unmet need for many partners working to restore our watersheds and salmon populations. PNAMP recognizes the importance of developing and advancing new ideas and tools to aid monitoring practitioners in their work. PNAMP supports development of new concepts so the region can have better access to monitoring information.

Coordination Framework

How can we collaborate?
PNAMP aims to help advance the science of monitoring and evaluation for aquatic species and habitats by providing the necessary coordination support. We provide a forum for collaboration between monitoring practitioners, facilitate development of widely accepted and adopted methodology for monitoring, and assist with development of regional strategies for monitoring that will support multiple management and reporting needs at multiple scales. Please consider participating in PNAMP.