The Toolkit is a collection of resources PNAMP has identified to support monitoring practitioners. These resources include documents that help disseminate information about regional monitoring and PNAMP's work to support regional monitoring, recommendations for best practices and tools that can help practitioners document their work. This list is intended to grow as more resources developed by PNAMP or others are identified.

Documents Database

PNAMP posts documents in its online database to facilitate the dissemination of information important to aquatic monitoring practitioners. Many documents are related to PNAMP projects and are associated with meetings. There are also documents from other organizations that provide information about monitoring activities in the region. Visit the Documents Database and use the filters and search tools to find information you are looking for.

Final Products

In order to convey additional information about PNAMP and its work, the Final Products page provides a short summary of some key documents produced by PNAMP. The documents include products pertaining to the organization and operation of PNAMP, as well as final documents from a variety of PNAMP ongoing and completed projects. Visit the Final Products page to view these resources.


PNAMP has provided a number of recommendations to the executives of its Partner entities. Visit the Recommendations page to learn more.

Web Tools

PNAMP has developed or supported a variety of online products that may be of use to monitoring practitioners. Visit the Web Tools page to learn more about them.