Data Visualization

Project Description

PNAMP solicits needs and tasks from their steering committee to determine what can we do to help you. Data Visualization was identified as a need, but data access, discovery, and display varies by data types to display, at multiple scales, and must be targeted to audience. People have expressed interest in a dashboard, or set of tools for an agency or region to report information to enable secondary analysis, for example, and we need to identify the audience(s).

There has been much previous discussion, and now, we are interested in hearing current issues. Though many people have been working with data visualization and there has been some discussion for some time, on March 12, 2018 a scoping meeting was held to assess interest and gather peoples’ ideas for a PNAMP work group. The work group will provide opportunity for organizations to learn from each other and share lessons learned as we develop attractive data visualization tools with accessible data for multiple audiences. There are additional resources and literature here:

Contact Sheryn Olson at if you would like more information or if you wish to participate in the work group.

Project Team

Initial team: Denise Kelsey, CRITFC and Keith Dublanica, WA GSRO co-leaders. Sheryn Olson, PNAMP/USGS facilitator. Project team is in formation as of May 2018. Mike Banach (Streamnet), Katie Barnas (NOAA), Bill Bosch (YN), Kasey Bliesner (ODFW), Evan Brown (IDFG), Tim Copeland (IDFG), Brodie Cox (WA DFW), Monica Diaz (NOAA), Scott Donahue (BPA), Keith Dublanica (WA GSRO), Ken Fetcho (OWEB), Leska Fore (WA PSP), Van Hare (Streamnet), Audrey Hatch (ODFW), Lance Hebdon (IDFG), Jay Hesse (Nez Perce Tribe), Tom Iverson (Yakama Nation), Jack Johnson (WA Ecology), Jennifer Johnson (FWS), Denise Kelsey (CRITFC), Ryan Kinzer (Nez Perce Tribe), Chantell Krider (South Sound Spatial,GSRO contractor), Nancy Leonard (NPCC), Brian Maschhoff (Exelearn), Mitchell Mumma (USBR), Niamh O'Rourke (WA ecology), Stacy Polkowske (WA DFW), Dan Rawding (WA DFW), Colleen Roe CRITFC), Russell Scranton (BPA), Michelle Steg-Geltner (Yakama Nation Fisheries), Chris Wheaton (Streamnet), Mari Williams (NOAA). PNAMP/USGS: Jen Bayer, Sheryn Olson, Sam Cimino, Meg Dethloff, Amy Puls, Becca Scully.
The group welcomes new members.


Working Group Presentations

June 7, 2018 - 10:39am

In May we were shown progress on the Conceptual BPA Data Visualization: May 16, 2018
by Russell Scranton, BPA, and Brian Maschoff, Exelearn

Featured in April were presentations by two developers of data visualization:

Michelle Steg-Geltner, for Yakama Nation Fisheries

Chantell Krider, South Sound Spatial. Washington State Governor's Salmon Recovery Office (WA GSRO) contractor, for and in collaboration with the Puget Sound Partnership.

Please see these slide presentations and the meeting notes in the documents list below.

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