Data Management Best Practices

Project Description

PNAMP has supported data management best practices discussions in the past, with the data management leadership team, the data steward community of practice, and the regional metadata guidance project. Currently, PNAMP is working on two efforts in this project, the first being a webinar series that follows the USGS data management lifecycle topics. The second effort is helping to organize the Field Technology for Data Collection in Forestry , Fisheries, and Natural Resources Conference.

Data Management Webinar Series:
In 2015, the Data Management Leadership Team morphed from a working group to a webinar series that was co-sponsored by USGS Community for Data Integration and PNAMP. All webinars have been recorded, see the website here We invite you to join us on the 3rd Wed. of every month at 2pm EST.

The objective of this collaborative series is to bring together a broad group of participants to share knowledge and facilitate discussion. We've based the order of presentations on the USGS Science Data Lifecycle, and over the year we will cover the entire process, from data management planning to sharing and publishing.

Field Technology Conference:
This is a follow up to the Emerging Technology Workshop that Sitka Technology Group, PNAMP and StreamNet organized November 18, 2014. For the November 2015 Conference, we joined the Western Forestry Association and other GPS professionals to add a fisheries track to their recurring conference, which has brought forestry professionals together for the past four years to learn about field technology. In 2015, conference topics were broad and we learned much together and from each other. To see the agenda and the talks, click here.

Project Team

PNAMP staff work with partners to facilitate workshops or webinars. If you are interested in a data management topic email Jen Bayer (


Talks are available from the 2015 Field Technology Conference

April 23, 2016 - 8:55am

If you are interested in emerging technology in field collection, PNAMP, StreamNet and Sitka Technology Group joined with the Western Forestry and Conservation Association to add a fisheries session to the recurring Field Technology Conference.

The conference took place November 18 and 19th, 2015 in Portland, OR.

To see the agenda and the talks, click here.

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