Northwest Standard Taxonomic Effort

Project Description

There is agreement among aquatic ecologists in the Pacific Northwest that the sharing of macroinvertebrate data would be aided by a regional standard taxonomic effort (STE) agreement. Data sharing is constrained in part by lack of agreement among organizations that collect and/or process macroinvertebrates samples as to the authoritative taxonomic nomenclature appropriate for collected specimens and the level of taxonomic resolution that is appropriate for different assessment purposes. Following on work done in other regions, the PNAMP Macroinvertebrate Planning Group is pursuing the development of an STE for the Pacific Northwest. The development of the NW-STE will allow students, laboratories, and researchers to assist in the standardization and harmonization of macroinvertebrate data across the region. The NW-STE targets life stages and taxa known to occur in benthic bioassessment samples of the Pacific Northwest. The NW-STE will improve macroinvertebrate data quality in the region, will evolve to include guidance for life stages and taxa from non-benthically collected samples, and allow for the evolution of invertebrate taxonomic understanding without orphaning historical datasets.

The most recent version of the NW-STE can be found on the right side of this page in the "Highlights" box.

Project Team

This project is being conducted through in-kind contributions of the Macroinvertebrate Planning Group, a sub-group of the Habitat Data Sharing Project. Taxonomists Bob Wisseman (Aquatic Biology Associates, Inc.), Sean Sullivan (Rhithron Associates, Inc.), John Pfeiffer (EcoAnalysts, Inc.), and Sue Salter (Cordillera Consulting, Inc.) are leading the development of the NWSTE taxa lists. The project is coordinated by PNAMP staff biologist Amy Puls.


NWSTE Draft Taxa Lists

August 18, 2015 - 6:05pm

We are continuing to make progress on developing and refining the NWSTE taxa lists. Here is the latest draft for your perusal:

This document is still a working draft. We welcome feedback on suggested STE levels for individual taxa, errors seen, names you use that are missing from the STE list, and any other suggestions you have. General suggestions, comments, and/or questions should be emailed to Amy Puls ( Taxonomic group suggestions, comments, and questions can be emailed directly to the taxonomic group editor found at the top of each list.

Thanks in advance for your help in reviewing these lists!

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