Monitoring Advisor

Project Description

PNAMP, working in partnership with the State of the Salmon Project, has been hosting and maintaining the Salmon Monitoring Advisor (SMA) website since 2011. The SMA site was developed by a working group of scientists through a series of workshops 2008 to 2010, funded by a grant from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. The grant was administered through the United States National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS) in Santa Barbara, California. The working group was composed of 14 scientists with extensive experience in a variety of governmental and nongovernmental organizations, many of which are involved in PNAMP.

After migrating the site to PNAMP hosted servers in early 2012, PNAMP had the software platform that the site was hosted on updated. This update was to provide a more user friendly editing platform for PNAMP staff and others in the future. Since all components did not transfer directly, there was some work required to make sure all original components from the site were completely transferred to the new platform. In addition, the site theme was updated to match the Monitoring Resources theme and a new URL was established for the site ( with the intention of changing the name from Salmon Monitoring Advisor to just Monitoring Advisor.

In the future we hope, with the support of subject matter experts, to expand the content on the site to include information about monitoring watersheds, habitat, and other interests in addition to the current emphasis, which is salmon population monitoring. Currently, this task is on hold until we can allocate an appropriate amount of staff time and identify participants to help move this effort along.

We also recommend integrating the content from the Monitoring Advisor directly into Monitoring Resources, but for now, there are links in the Learn menus and throughout the applications as appropriate.

Project Team

Guidance for this project is provided by the PNAMP Steering Committee. Hosting and development support are provided by Sitka Technology Group. Jacque Schei is the Project Lead for PNAMP. We are looking for participants who are interested in adding content to the site. Please contact Jacque if you are interested.


SMA transferred to PNAMP, moved to WordPress

July 2, 2012 - 2:41pm

NCEAS staff helped with the migration of the SMA website to a PNAMP supported host. We are in the process of converting the site to WordPress to allow for easier editing of the content and to update the theme to match the other resources under In the coming months, we will do an initial update of the site to ensure that the language used on this site does not conflict with language used on We will also reconcile the glossary with the SMA glossary. When we are ready to transition to this revised site, we will go from to to accommodate future additions to the content. In the future, we will begin to integrate the content of the site into the Learn menus of and the other tools.

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