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Resource managers and decision makers in the Pacific Northwest base many of their decisions on monitoring data. High quality and accessible data is key to timely and efficient decision making. In order to achieve high quality and accessible data, the practices applied to each step of the data life cycle must be up-to-date. PNAMP supports the Data Management Leadership Team as an ongoing project to coordinate and conduct activities that will help define and disseminate best data management and sharing practices. The Data Management Leadership Team meets quarterly.

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Data Management Leadership Team


Guidance for Implementing Successful Data Management and Sharing & New Data Steward Resources online

February 26, 2013 - 9:43am

GUIDANCE FOR IMPLEMENTING SUCCESSFUL DATA MANAGEMENT & SHARING: The guidance (formerly referred to as the Roadmap)has been recommended by the PNAMP Steering Committee as a formal PNAMP guidance document. It summarizes five activities that are important to successful handling of aquatic monitoring data: 1) Describe protocols, 2) Standardize data processing, 3) Develop metadata,Use common terminology, and 5) Plan for data sharing. The document is intended to serve people that deal with data management and sharing at all levels - from policy to day-to-day stewardship. You can download the guidance at:

DATA STEWARD RESOURCES: We have new web-resources available to help those who do the day-to-day work of managing aquatic data resources or who are working to develop plans and policies to do so. Take a look at the Data Steward Resource page. PNAMP will post documents and presentations that we believe to be useful to data stewards and managers. If you have material you would like to share, please contact PNAMP Coordinator Jen Bayer( to arrange for posting the material.

Data Steward Resources

Go to the Data Steward Resources page to find documents related to metadata, data lifecycle planning, data exchange, and more.

Related Resources

Northwest Environmental Data Network Resources

The Northwest Environment Data Network (NED) was established to work cooperatively on actions and joint activities to improve the collection, management and sharing of environmental data and information. For example, NED goals included supporting and coordinating production of a regional data dictionary, the common use of query tools to metadata and the development of a data networking plan with funding support.

NED supported work to develop agreements, standards and protocols and the technology necessary to improve data sharing and discovery across multiple regional partners. NED also worked to identify and promote administrative, organizational and funding arrangements needed to support regional data management. NED did not intend to be a provider or a manager of data.

NED's MOU expired in October 2007. Since that time the PNAMP Data Management group has continued the efforts that NED started.

A subset of NED documents is listed below. If you cannot find what you’re looking for, please contact Jacque Schei (