ISTM Master Sample Component

Project Description

A key objective of the ISTM project is to apply a region-wide "master sample" concept to the selection of sampling locations in the Lower Columbia river area. Using a probabilistic-based approach to monitoring design will support the integration of monitoring results across programs.

As part of the ISTM effort, PNAMP (working with Oregon State University) developed a prototype web-based master sample tracking and management system tool to support the interests of increasing numbers of users in drawing samples from the population domain. The intent was to allow users to know who else has selected sites from the master sample covering stream networks in their domains; to design individual or integrated monitoring programs; to know how existing sites relate to a common master sample; and what they are collecting at the site over time. The prototype was applicable only to the ISTM demonstration area of the the Lower Columbia River region. Since the development of the prototype tool, PNAMP decided to pursue additional development to convert the prototype into a production-level, regional resource that can support the interests of increasing numbers of users in drawing samples from this population domain. In conjunction with the development and use of a web-based master sample management tool, we understand there is a need for dedicated analytical support for design and utilization of results of the monitoring design based on master sample. This support is currently provided on an as needed basis. Please see the Master Sample Tool Development Project for more information.

Project Team

This project is informed by the other components of the ISTM project. However, the team that developed the prototype web-based tool included: Don Stevens (OSU), Lisa Madsen (OSU), Phil Larsen (PSMFC), and Jeff Rodgers (ODFW). Jacque Schei (PNAMP/USGS) is leading the development of requirements for the regional deployment of the tool.


Monitoring Sample Designer

April 22, 2013 - 9:56am

As mentioned in the project description, PNAMP pursued additional development after the prototype Master Sample tool was complete to develop a production-level tool to meet the needs of the entire region. Please see the Master Sample Tool Development Project, under the main Project for more information.

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