Salmonid Field Protocols Handbook Project

Project Description

[use this page for the background information on this project - the creation of the Salmonid Field Protocols Handbook: Techniques For Assessing Status and Trends in Salmon and Trout Populations - In 2005? PNAMP supported the development of a handbook that would describe salmonid monitoring techniques, cover sampling designs, etc... AND LINK TO THE HANDBOOK PREVIEW AT]

The Handbook was published by the American Fisheries Society in association with the State of the Salmon and was developed in collaboration with dozens of fisheries experts (many working for PNAMP member entities) throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond. The Handbook describes 18 monitoring techniques for salmonids and covers sampling designs and data management strategies that will help field practitioners and managers generate, maintain and share quality field data. The Handbook was improved through extensive peer review by PNAMP and others.

The Steering Committee recognizes that the level of detail on the techniques profiled in the Handbook is somewhat variable, and some broadly used monitoring methods currently applied and considered effective are not included. However, the document presents noteworthy advancement of existing methods and offers a crucial foundation for subsequent development and refinement by PNAMP and others. The Steering Committee expects to continue forward by facilitating future expansions and improvement of methods, and would appreciate your organization's continued participation in the review of other existing and new monitoring methods.

Nothing in the protocols or PNAMP's endorsement is intended to diminish existing authorities for information collection or reporting. However, the Handbook is a significant step toward improved transparency and should be useful toward improved implementation of consistent methods. The full document can downloaded at

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