Regional Metadata Guidance Project

Project Description

PNAMP seeks to provide guidance, support and other tools that can facilitate and encourage the development and use of metadata for aquatic monitoring data collected by government agencies and partners in the Pacific Northwest. A subset of the Data Management Leadership Team has provided support this ongoing task and looks to build on existing tools, standards and references whenever practical. The workgroup supported the development of a Regional Metadata Guidance document published in 2009. In 2010 and 2011, the workgroup is supporting requirements scoping for tools that will support metadata development within the region.

Project Team

This project is being conducted through the contributions of the Metadata Working group, a sub-group of the Data Management Leadership Team.


Resources to help convert from FGDC to ISO

May 23, 2012 - 11:33am

A number of online resources are available that deal with the transition of FGDC compliant metadata to ISO standards.

FGDC & ISO: At the FGDC site for their 2011 Metadata Summit there are a number of presentations available on the status of ISO as well as a summary report for the summit. Also at that page are the slides and webinar recording for a follow up presentation for the Metadata Summit. See:

FGDC guidance on what is a compliant metadata record while transitioning to ISO standards, see

LOOKING AT ISO IN DEPTH: The National Coastal Data Development Center has conducted a series of trainings on ISO. A powerpoint with slides from all the trainings is available at:, \

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