Regional Data Management and Sharing Roadmap

Project Description

The backbone of regional monitoring is a well planned data management and data sharing structure. PNAMP recognizes that a 'roadmap' is needed to describe the processes, business practices, and capacities necessary to effectively integrate data into monitoring practice. Advancements have been made in recent years in standards for the creation, documentation, sharing, and reporting of biological and environmental data. A data management and sharing roadmap should link best practices to an integrated data and monitoring life cycle. Several data management issues have already been identified within the region to be of particular need for guidance – metadata development, data exchange formatting standards, and data exchange network architecture. Specific projects have been developed to address data management issues as they arise; however, no single umbrella guidance document exists. Ongoing and future PNAMP projects will benefit by the existence of an overarching roadmap that provides a long-range vision of the management and sharing of aquatic monitoring data for PNAMP partners.

The PNAMP Data Management Leadership Team initiated work on a planning document in 2009 and the initial work guided the development of the Coordinated Assessments project. Several drafts of the roadmap have been developed and the project is ongoing. The goal is to develop a publication with recommendations for PNAMP partner actions endorsed by the PNAMP Steering Committee.

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Project Team

This project is being conducted through the Data Management Leadership Team. Members have participated through in-kind contributions to various drafts of the document. The PNAMP Information Management Liaison is serving as the project manager with the assistance of representatives of Ross & Associates.


Guidance for Implementing Successful Data Management and Sharing

March 23, 2012 - 4:06pm

The 'Guidance for Implementing Successful Data Management and Sharing' is now available at This guidance (originally described as the Roadmap) describes five major actions that need to be considered by data managers and their organizations for success:
- Describe protocols
- Standardize data processing
- Develop metadata
- Use common terminology
- Plan for data sharing

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