Seeking feedback on revised draft QAPP template

Lower Columbia HSTM stakeholders and interested parties, we are seeking your feedback on the revised draft QAPP template under which Ecology envisions Clark County conducting the urban streams component of the LC HSTM program beginning in the next municipal stormwater permit cycle. Throughout the template are yellow and blue highlighted words, phrases, or sections that will be addressed by either Clark County or Ecology, respectively, in finalizing the QAPP prior to commencing field work. Your comments on any of these sections as well as the plain text are welcome.

This is an informal comment period. The final QAPP template will be published with Ecology’s proposed permit language which is scheduled for release in August 2018. Additional formatting changes will be made in the publication process. We appreciate you sending your comments on this version via email to on or before Friday, May 11, 2018.

Click here to download the revised draft QAPP template: