Call for Applications 2018 Western Division AFS Eugene Maughan Graduate Student Scholarship

Call for Applications 2018 Western Division AFS Eugene Maughan Graduate Student Scholarship

The deadline for applying for a 2018 WDAFS graduate student scholarship is April 1, 2018

The application period for 2018 WDAFS graduate-level student scholarships is now open. The Eugene Maughan Graduate Student Scholarship Fund provides up to $5,000 annually to masters or doctoral students in the general area of fisheries science. One to three students are chosen each year to split the scholarship funds.

Beginning in 2002, the Sustainable Fisheries Foundation established the William Trachtenberg Memorial Scholarship Fund, which augments the WDAFS scholarship program. This fund provides up to $600 annually to a graduate-level student whose research focuses on fisheries sustainability. Applicants for the WDAFS scholarship program will automatically be considered for a Sustainable Fisheries Foundation scholarship. An award committee of five fisheries scientists from the WDAFS will select scholarship winners for both programs. Selection criteria include demonstration of:

1. Excellent scholarship as evidenced by grades in rigorous course work during the last 60 hours as an undergraduate and during graduate studies;

2. Potential for future contributions to the fisheries profession through management, research, or teaching; and

3. Significant progress toward attaining a graduate degree in fisheries science with a defined thesis or dissertation project.

All scholarship applicants are encouraged, but not required, to attend the upcoming WDAFS annual meeting, to be held May 21-25, 2018 in Anchorage, Alaska ( Scholarship winners will be presented with a check at the WDAFS business luncheon on Wednesday, May 23, and will be recognized in the 2018 summer issue of The Tributary, the WDAFS’ quarterly newsletter.

Application Procedures

1. Applicants must be a member of the American Fisheries Society or have applied for AFS membership by the application deadline of April 1, 2018. AFS Member number must be placed on application.

2. Applicants must have completed one semester or two quarters in a graduate degree program at a university within the geographic boundaries of the Western Division.

3. Applicants must have a major field of study that is related to fisheries or aquatic science.

4. Applicants must submit an application package (via email is preferred) that contains the following information:

A. A letter to the award committee that includes (three separate items):

-brief description of the student's degree program and the anticipated date of completion;

-statement of the applicant’s career goals and reasons for applying for the scholarship (up to 200 words); and

-statement of the academic and professional activities and contributions to AFS and the fisheries science profession (up to 200 words).

B. A resume (including professional activities, pertinent publications, and scientific presentations) and graduate school transcripts. Please list GRE scores in your resume; a copy of the original form is not necessary.

C. A one-page abstract outlining the goals, objectives, design, methods and expected outcome from the thesis or dissertation project.

D. Letters of reference from two faculty members (one must be the graduate students advisor) familiar with the student's background and abilities. Letters may be sent separately by the individual providing the reference.

The application package should either be emailed (preferred) or mailed (postmarked) no later than April 1, 2018 to:

Bob Gresswell, Western Division Scholarship Award Committee
2327 University Way, Suite 2
Bozeman, MT 59715
W: (406) 994-7085
C: (406) 570-1486