ODFW seeks Principal Executive/Manager D (Willamette Fish & Wildlife Policy & Program Manager)

Job Close Date: 
September 26, 2017 - 11:59pm

ODFW Principal Executive/Manager D (Willamette Fish & Wildlife Policy & Program Manager)

$5,231.00 - $7,714.00 Monthly

Multiple Locations (as stated in job posting/Clackamas, Corvallis, Springfield), OR

Job Type

Fish & Wildlife-West Region

Job Number

9/26/2017 11:59 PM Pacific

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• This position is with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife located in Corvallis, Clackamas or Springfield, OR.

• This recruitment will be used to establish a list of qualified people to fill the current vacancy and may be used to fill other vacancies as they occur.

• If you are hired, you will become part of the State's management team.

• Pay and benefits on all job postings may change without notice.

• You must submit your application online. Paper applications will not be accepted.

Duties & Responsibilities

Make a significant contribution to protecting and enhancing Willamette Basin fish and wildlife resources, the viability and size of socially and economically important fisheries and wildlife populations, and the economic health of local communities! Exercise direct responsibility and authority for all activities related to the Willamette Wildlife Mitigation Program and provide oversight and guidance for implementation of the Upper Willamette Conservation and Recovery Plan for Chinook Salmon and Steelhead. Responsibility of the position spans the Willamette Basin which includes complex fish passage and fish and wildlife mitigation programs tied to the Willamette Biological Opinion, the Willamette Wildlife Settlement, and Recovery Plans for listed species in the Willamette Valley. These documents cover 13 dams, over 200,000 linear feet of dikes and revetments, and 13 ESA listed species. Represent the Department when working with or advising the Governor's Natural Resource Office, other governmental agencies, tribes, non-governmental agencies, and councils. Major duties and responsibilities are to:

• Serve as the Department lead regarding policy implementation for the Endangered Species Act, Willamette Wildlife Settlement of 2010, and the Fish and Wildlife Program developed and required under the Northwest Power Act within the Willamette Basin. Prepare policies, create implementation plans and procedures, and prioritize actions of the Department and others for protecting and enhancing fish and wildlife resources in the Willamette Basin, including Department analyses of and comments on biological opinions and recovery plans.

• Provide leadership and oversight of Technical Review Team and Willamette Advisory Group developing and applying selection criteria for property acquisitions and management to meet the goals of the Willamette Wildlife Mitigation Program. Design and manage a grant program expending funds from Department budgets and a long term account for conservation as outlined in the Willamette Wildlife Settlement.

• Supervise permanent and seasonal staff to achieve goals and objectives of the Willamette Wildlife Mitigation Program. Conduct interviews, and hire or recommend hiring of staff. Identify, schedule, assign, and approve work. Resolve personnel problems, complaints, and formal grievances. Reward and discipline employees. Respond to grievances. Counsel employees in work-related activities, personal growth, and career development. Determine staffing needs and organization changes. Set performance measures and write work plans for employees. Responsible to understand the Department's affirmative action goals and objectives and to develop and implement plans to meet them; responsible to structure activities in the unit that will promote and foster a diverse workforce and discrimination/harassment-free workplace; and to consistently treat customers, stakeholders/partners, co-workers with dignity and respect.

• Develop and administer budgets, contracts, and other program actions for the Willamette Basin programs including the Wildlife Mitigation Program and other Willamette Basin hydropower and ESA-related programs.

• Guide and oversee staff in preparing and reviewing conservation easements, federal contracts, agreements with Tribes, non-governmental conservation organizations, and other agencies for the Willamette Wildlife Settlement.

• Review propagation, research, monitoring, habitat protection plans, and associated budgets relating to Hydro Program impacts to ESA-listed fish and wildlife species. Recommend Department priorities and positions on the expenditure of federal funds and Department contracts to implement mitigation in the Willamette Basin.

• Develop strategies for advocating Department policies, plans, and actions for protecting and enhancing fish and wildlife resources within the Willamette Basin and negotiate such on behalf of the state and Department, with its co-managers of fish and wildlife and other private and public interests.

• Represent the Department on a variety of committees implementing the Willamette Biological Opinion and Recovery Plan Implementation, including: Willamette Action Team for Ecosystem Restoration Steering Team, Fish Passage and Hatchery Management teams, Flow and Water Quality Team, Willamette/Lower Columbia Technical Recovery Team, Habitat Technical Team; and other committees. Develop policies and programs for protecting, conserving, and restoring wildlife habitat in the Willamette Basin.

• Advise the Department's senior and executive management staff, the Fish and Wildlife Commission, Oregon's Northwest Power and Conservation Council members, the Governor's Natural Resource Office, and others on technical and strategic issues associated with policies, plans, and actions for protecting and enhancing fish and wildlife resources in the Willamette Basin. Efforts focus on fish passage and mitigation programs related to development and operations of the federal hydropower system. Activities may also include strategic and technical consultations with Oregon's Attorney Generals' Office related to considered and/or ongoing litigation on contentious issues.

• Prepare and provide expert testimony for use by the Department and State of Oregon as it relates to legal matters.

• Maintain timely and effective communication within the Department regarding activities within the Willamette Basin. Attend and participate in region and division meetings. Facilitate information exchange within the Department. Coordinate effective decision making with Fish and Wildlife Divisions, Director's Office, and Regional Research, Propagation, Habitat, Conservation, and Wildlife staff.