WA-BC American Fisheries Society Chapter: Executive Committee elections open

It's time to vote for the AFS WA-BC Chapter Executive Committee elections. They've received 3 nominations to fill 5 positions ... so clearly they do not have enough to replace all our exiting leaders.

They ask that if you know of anyone who may be interested in one of these positions, please include their name as a write-in on the ballot. If no one is nominated for these positions, these will become vacant until a suitable candidate is found.

Now on to the nominees! Please check out the Bios of their candidates below, and then follow this link to cast your vote. Voting will only be open until 5pm PST on September 9, 2017, so please don't delay!

Nominee for Vice President: Brittany Jenewein

I completed my Bachelor of Science degree at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, B.C., where I majored in Animal Biology with the plan to go to veterinary school. After completing an honours research project in my final year, I decided that research was my preferred career path and was asked to join the Master of Science program at the same university. I jumped at the chance to work with my supervisor because we got along well through my undergrad and it would allow me to do my research at the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre - a gem on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Although my research project focused on mussels and barnacles, I knew I eventually wanted to move into studying fish because I come from a long line of commercial fishers. Being a first-hand witness of the social, economic, and ecological impact of the declining salmon populations in B.C. was the main fuel for my passion for fish conservation.

After completing my M.Sc., I jumped into working in the fisheries industry as a dockside and at-sea observer, which provided a good foundation for getting to know the management side of the industry. I was lucky to land a job as a Fisheries Technician in 2013 with the Federal Government of Canada (Fisheries and Oceans Canada, a.k.a. DFO), and worked for nearly 3 years with the Resource Management branch. I worked for a year at the Pacific Salmon Commission as a Stock ID Biologist, and recently moved back to the RM branch at DFO as an Assistant Biologist for Pacific salmon fisheries.

In 2014 I joined AFS as a way to keep up-to-date on current research. Since 2015 I’ve been the Communications Director for the Washington-BC Chapter and regularly attend as many conferences as possible. We’re already planning the 2018 meeting in Kelowna, BC! I have also begun to get involved with Ecologists Without Borders on their Santa Rosalia Fisheries project, which seeks to collect catch and effort data on small-scale fisheries and work with local fishers to recommend measures that would improve the long-term sustainability of regional marine fisheries and enhance the local economy. I am eager to expand my involvement in the Chapter by serving as Vice President, and I have many ideas for working with all the members to improve collaboration, communication, and professional development opportunities within the Chapter.

Nominee for Secretary: (Marika) Kirstin Gale

As a research biologist with the Freshwater Fisheries Society of British Columbia, my role is to support the conservation and enhancement of BC's freshwater fish resources. Currently, my research focus is on small lake fisheries management, particularly the evaluation of how fish culture operations and enhancement decisions impact both the source populations and the dynamics in stocked lakes. Our goal is to create high-quality, sustainable fisheries that minimize impacts to wild stocks. My fisheries career started with the study of both juvenile and spawning salmon in freshwater, including the behaviour and survival of migrants using acoustic telemetry, how climate change is impacting BC's fish populations, the physiological mechanisms at work when temperature and capture stressors are experienced simultaneously, and how these combined stressors affect overall fitness.

From very early in my career, I benefitted from being a member of the WA-BC Chapter of AFS. BC and Washington are incredibly fortunate to have a diversity of fish species that are valuable recreational, nutritional, and economic resources, of vital cultural importance, and critical to thriving ecosystems. As such, the work being done in our region is outstanding! WA-BC AFS offers an accessible way to share findings and learn what other researchers are studying, with a local focus. The support and professional development opportunities that the Chapter offers students is incredibly valuable. I would be honoured to serve on the Executive Committee, to give back to an organization that does so much for me, and to pay it forward to the next generation of fisheries professionals.

Nominee for Treasurer: Ryan Klett

Ryan first joined the American Fisheries Society during graduate school in 2009 and since then has enjoyed his affiliation with the AFS as a member, attendee and presenter at Chapter, Division and National meetings. He looks forward to increasing his contribution to the WA-BC Chapter by serving its members as Treasurer. Ryan completed degrees at the University of Washington (MS Forest Resources) and Western Washington University (BS Environmental Science) and is currently employed by the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation as a senior biologist on the Okanogan Basin Monitoring and Evaluation Program (OBMEP). His background includes investigating spatial fish/habitat relationships, research on implantation methodologies of large PIT tags and acoustic transmitters in salmonids and managing stream habitat restoration project implementation.

Questions, please contact:
Brittany Jenewein, M.Sc.
Communications Director
WABC Chapter of the American Fisheries Society
E: btjenewein@gmail.com