2017 Coordinated Assessments Workshop

Thank you for joining us for the 2017 Coordinated Assessments Workshop. We sincerely appreciate your participation in the workshop and continued efforts to improve data sharing and access.

Workshop Summary may be found here https://www.pnamp.org/document/5821.

Workshop Objectives:
-Provide an update on status of anadromous VSP indicators and discuss next steps
-Review CA Project Management and annual work plan
-Provide opportunity for state and tribal CA Partners to share updates
-Approve proposed changes to the CAX Data Exchange Standard (DES)
-Showcase tools built to support the CAX

More information on the CA project can be found here: http://www.pnamp.org/project/3129 or by contacting Chris Wheaton (503-595-3100), Jen Bayer (503-201-4179), Tom Iverson (971-221-8561), or Brodie Cox (360-902-2776).

CAX documents may be found here: http://www.streamnet.org/data/coordinated-assessments/