DEADLINE EXTENDED! Submit your abstract for 2017 Salmon Recovery Conference before January 27th!

Can you imagine Washington State without salmon?

When salmon got listed, the state of Washington and many tribal nations supported the unprecedented establishment of regional salmon recovery organizations and lead entities, the Governor’s Salmon Recovery Office, and the Salmon Recovery Funding Board to guide locally-driven salmon recovery.

Seventeen years in, these organizations now coordinate the work of thousands of people across our state to restore our rivers, streams, forests, and shorelines. The Salmon Recovery Funding Board has funded more than 2,000 community-based projects, and invested almost $500 million across the state, demonstrating that habitat restoration and improved fish passage do in fact help salmon populations.

But it’s not enough. We continue to face an uphill battle for salmon recovery, made even steeper by increasing pressures from a growing human population and the impacts of climate change.

What will it take to fully implement the recovery plans and realize salmon recovery and all the additional benefits that it provides our communities?

What do we know today that we didn’t know when we launched this effort?

What are our priorities for the next 15 years?

These are the questions we seek to address at the 2017 Salmon Recovery Conference. Will you add your voice, experience, and knowledge to the dialogue?

We are at a critical point in the journey. The 2017 Salmon Recovery Conference can help set the direction for the next 15 years. Be a part of it!

Abstracts are being accepted through January 27, 2017.

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