Updating the Crosswalk Tool - A Conversation

It has been several years since the Columbia River Intertribal Fish Commission (CRITFC) Salmon and Steelhead Crosswalk Tool emerged to support the Coordinated Assessments Project and partners around the Northwest. The crosswalk tool's purpose is to provide online mapping along with a fish names query system to serve access to geographic and descriptive information on fish populations (pop/units) of salmon and steelhead as defined by state and federal agencies, tribes, and regional projects in the Columbia River Basin (CRB). In December 2016, PNAMP and CRITFC convened a meeting to review the tool and discuss potential updates and explorations of new uses and services (https://pnamp.org/event/5582).

The meeting included 29 participants from 15 different agencies concerned with the health of salmon, steelhead, and other resident fish populations in the Columbia River Basin. The notes from the meeting can be found here (https://www.pnamp.org/document/5695) and also accessed through the events page in "See all documents related to this event". Participants also engaged in an online survey concerning the crosswalk tool elaborating on how they use the tool and what other tools they use to acquire similar information (https://www.pnamp.org/sites/default/files/crosswalktoolsurvey_pnamp_2016...).