Call for Idaho AFS Abstracts

Abstracts for Presentations and Posters are due November 18, 2016.

Contributed Paper Oral Presentations (Full Oral): Maximum 20 minute presentation. Plan
approximately 15-18 minutes for the presentation and 2-3 minutes to answer audience
questions. Power Point presentations are encouraged but are not required.

IGNITE! Presentations: These short, to-the-point talks provide a fun platform for people to
quickly share project updates, notes from the field, or other important topics that don’t require
a full 20-minute presentation.

IGNITE! talks are 5 minutes long, and each slide in the
presentation must advance automatically every 15 seconds (we will send a template and
instructions if your abstract is accepted). Topics can be inspirational, funny, or informative, but all should strive to be engaging and entertaining.

Poster Presentations: Topic is presented on a 4x4 foot or smaller poster. A formal poster session is provided for viewers and authors to ask and answer questions. Abstracts for all oral presentations and posters must be submitted electronically as Microsoft Word documents by November 18, 2016.

Please follow abstract preparation instructions. (Instructions are also available at or

Volunteer Opportunities: Assistance at the conference is always needed! Please consider volunteering some time to help your Chapter during the event. Whether you have a particular area you would like to help with or are willing to help in whatever capacity is needed, get in touch with one of the Steering Committee Chairs below and we will match your interest and availability with where assistance is needed.

For more information or to volunteer, contact Steering Committee Chairs:
Anna Owsiak ( ICTWS
Helen Neville ( AFS (after November 1, 2016)

Meeting information is also found at: or