Participate in Regional Habitat Indicators Project - Management Question Surveys

The Regional Habitat Indicator Project (RHIP) is interested in understanding what management questions are important to organizations throughout the Pacific Northwest in order to focus discussions about indicators, data, and data sharing.

Over the last few months, project participants compiled almost 70 management questions related to stream flow, macroinvertebrates, water temperature, and water quality; that list has been condensed to 22 by combining redundant questions. We now need your help to identify the 12 questions that are of greatest common interest.

To do this, we have created four short surveys, one for each topic. You are invited to take all four surveys or as many of them as you feel comfortable completing. We also encourage you to forward this email to anyone that might be interested.

The first survey should take 10-15 minutes. As you become familiar with the survey format, each additional survey will take less time. Please complete surveys by August 15, 2016. Thank you in advance for helping us with this important step!

Flow Survey:
Macroinvertebrate Survey:
Water Temperature Survey:
Water Quality Survey: