Governor Looking for New Salmon Recovery Funding Board Members

Governor Looking for New SRFB Members

The Governor is looking to appoint a new member to the Salmon Recovery Funding Board. This is an opportunity to be part of a great organization that helps determine where investments should be made in Washington’s efforts to return salmon to their once plentiful numbers.

To Apply: Fill Out the Online Application
Submit applications directly to the Governor’s office. It also is helpful to submit a cover letter and resume to the Governor’s Office, also using the online system.

About the Board
The board has three major roles:

Establish the policies and priorities for investing in salmon recovery;
Approve projects to be funded; and
Approve funding to support other priorities of the board.
Since the board’s inception in 1999, it has guided the investment of nearly $753 million in more than 2,600 salmon recovery projects.

The board has 10 members, five of whom are appointed by the Governor and five who represent state agencies.
Role of the Board
The board sets policies for grant programs and ensures that the grants are awarded to the best projects in a manner that is fair, accountable, and open to the public. Applications generally are submitted every year and reviewed by the board’s technical review panel. The panel ensures that projects will benefit salmon, are cost-effective, and likely will be successful.

Meeting Schedule
The board typically meets four times a year, with three of the four meetings in Olympia. See the current meeting schedule:. Board members receive $100 a day for each meeting and are reimbursed for travel costs.

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