NABat Coordinator Position Now Open (Fort Collins, CO)

Job Close Date: 
July 8, 2016 - 11:59pm

North American bats face unprecedented risks from continuing and emerging threats including habitat loss and fragmentation, white-nose syndrome, energy development, and climate change. There is an urgent need to document changes in bat populations in response to these threats as well as assess management actions aimed at mitigating these threats. The North American Bat Monitoring Program (NABat) was recently created as a continental-wide program to monitor bats to promote effective conservation decision-making and the long-term viability of bat populations across the continent. NABat program goals include: 1) develop, implement and maintain a long-term continental-scale program to monitor bat distributions and indices of abundance at range-wide, regional, and local scales, and 2) provide regular analyses and reporting on the status and trends of bat populations to inform managers and policy makers so that they can manage bat populations effectively.

This position will provide leadership and coordination of NABat and will facilitate and conduct other select research and development projects for DOI and other management units, principally as it relates to the development, maintenance, and use of complex ecological databases used to estimate wildlife population size, determine ecological distribution and determine population trends over spatial and temporal scales.

As an Ecologist within the Fort Collins Science Center, some of your specific duties will include:

-Serve as coordinator for NABat program and as Principal Investigator for projects related to the ecological distribution and wildlife population trends over spatial and temporal scales.

-Refine NABat program strategic objectives, priorities and direction in collaboration with FORT management and the multi-agency NABAT advisory committee.

-Provide oversight and coordination of day-to-day operations of NABat efforts and/or project staff, resources, and work.

-Maintain liaison with, brief, and respond to inquiries from Congress, other Federal agencies, States, Department of the Interior, and other USGS staff.

-Maintain high visibility in the community through publishing research products, serve as author or co-author on proposals to granting agencies, and preparing and delivering papers and presentation for technical and professional meeting and conferences.

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