Celebrate World Fish Migration Day with Yakima Nation

Join Yakima Nation on Saturday, May 21, 2016, to celebrate World Fish Migration Day, during which
events are held world-wide (329 locations in 55 countries) highlighting the amazing migration that fish make all over the world.

The YN is celebrating this day by releasing Asum (aka Pacific Lamprey, "eels") into Ahtanum Creek (10am-noon). Approximately 50 adults will be released, and will try to give everyone a chance to either handle them (from tote to buckets) or release them into the stream. They will also have talks given by tribal elders and biologists to share information about this charismatic fish and their history (+ lamprey rap song). These fish are sometimes called the "forgotten fish" or "lost fish" (because most fish managers simply ignored them for many decades until their numbers were dangerously low, despite the fact that they play key roles in the local stream ecosystems with salmonids.

Please contact Ralph Lampman for addition details:

Ralph Lampman
Yakama Nation FRMP, Pacific Lamprey Project
509-388-3871 (cell)