Intensively Monitored Watershed Publications Now Available

We are pleased to announce the much anticipated IMW papers are now published in AFS' Fisheries February 2016 issue! They are available on line now and soon to be in your mailbox, if you have a paper subscription to Fisheries. AFS has graciously allowed free full access to these articles until the end of February.

Access the papers here:

Bennett et al Progress and Challenges of Testing the Effectiveness of Stream Restoration in the Pacific Northwest Using Intensively Monitored Watersheds

Bouwes, Bennett and Wheaton Adapting Adaptive Management for Testing the Effectiveness of Stream Restoration: An Intensively Monitored Watershed Example.

We would like to thank Stephen Bennett for shepherding the completion of not one but TWO manuscripts on IMW topics and to thank everyone who contributed to these papers and to the 2013 PNAMP IMW workshop, which was the inspiration for this work.

If you participated in the 2013 workshop, you may recall the request that PNAMP support a 'one stop source' for discovery of information about IMWs. We have recently completed this effort - and a thank you goes to Becca, Meg and IMW leads who provided content. Check it out here Intensively Monitored Watersheds (IMWs) web page. Please provide updates or additional info you'd like displayed on this page to anytime.

We also want to thank the NOAA and BPA staff who have ushered these products to greater visibility - Katherine Cheney, Michael Milstein, Pat Zimmer, Ruth Howell, & Lauren Senkyr. You may recall some of these folks helped at our 2013 workshop by hosting discussions about communication needs. Great to have their help to connect the science with a variety of audiences!

Lastly, stay tuned for a 2016 PNAMP IMW workshop. We are just starting to plan but will be in touch soon with more information and to hear your suggestions.