First Call for Washington AFS Abstracts

American Fisheries Society-Washington / British Columbia Chapter invite you to submit your abstracts for their conference.


This call for papers seeks oral and poster contributions relevant to the conference theme on topics such as the following:

Downstream fish passage survival
Chinook and Steelhead life histories (more details available soon)
Habitat restoration/improvements with respect to conservation or reintroduction
Hatchery vs. wild interactions (genetic effects)
Invasive species
Hatchery programs and current challenges
Native fish (lamprey, sturgeon, bull trout, redband trout, burbot, etc)
Marine fisheries
Contributed Papers

The list will be updated and any additional symposia ideas are welcomed!

Additionally, we seek contributing papers on topics such as fisheries management, fish biology, life history, habitat and ecological studies related to fish and fisheries.

Abstract Submission

Abstracts are due March 1st, 2016. Abstract submissions must include:
· Type of presentation preferred (oral or poster).
· Topic area from above list, or suggest a topic.
· Abstract Title: Be brief but descriptive.
· Author(s) name(s) as they should appear in the program, affiliation, mailing address, phone number and email address.
· Name of presenter and contact person if different from first author.
· Students indicate participation in “best student paper or poster”.
· Text of abstract in 300 words or less.

Abstracts can be submitted on the conference website at:

For more information please visit the conference website ( or contact: Alix Blake at or 509-626-4415