Report complete! Strategies for Protecting and Restoring Puget Sound B-IBI Basins

The King County project team is happy to announce the successful completion of a two year project to develop strategies for protecting all Puget Sound watersheds with “excellent” B-IBI scores and for restoring over 50 prioritized watersheds from “fair” to “good” B-IBI scores – two Puget Sound Partnership ecosystem recovery targets. Our final report punctuates the completion of this project and we invite you to take a look. Thank you to the many stakeholders who provided feedback at our workshops, outreach meetings, and via email or phone – your input was helpful and essential. Achieving the recovery targets will take engagement across the region and we encourage you to look at our recommended next steps and consider seeking funding for further planning and implementation of restoration and protection projects in your neck of the woods.

All the deliverables and supporting documentation for this project can be found on our project web page at: You may be interested in the standalone appendix that accompanies the report and describes each of the restoration basins in addition to the GIS shapefiles and landcover data for the sites and basins available for download.