New Publication Resulting from the ISTM Fish Project

Although the ISTM Fish project is still looking for another pilot, the team working on the initial demonstration project is still working to learn and share their results. As a component of Objective 4 of the LCR ISTM Demonstration Project, Dan Rawding and Bryce Glaser (WDFW) worked with NOAA Fisheries NWFSC staff Martin Liermann and George Pess to investigate the relative performance of five approaches for estimating total redds. These include standard design-based estimators applied to simple random, spatially balanced, and stratiļ¬ed sampling as well as regression (model-assisted) estimators based on a census of the entire basin conducted close to the peak occurrence of redds. Comparison of the estimators was based on simulations using known redd locations for three populations representing two species, each with multiple years of data. In their paper, published by CJFAS, they show how the performance of particular approaches can be anticipated using sampling theory and knowledge of the spatial distribution of redds, and develop this into guidance for those implementing redd sampling designs in the many small Pacific Northwest basins.

Check out this great paper here: Contact authors Martin Liermann ( and Dan Rawding ( with questions.