Coordinated Assessments Project Adopts 5 Year Plan

Thanks to a great discussion about priorities for sharing Columbia River basin fisheries data at our 2015 Coordinated Assessments Workshop (learn more about the workshop here:, the project now has adopted a five year plan. The plan is premised on continued standardization of high level indicators (HLIs) for specific regional data needs on a prioritized basis and is intended to serve as a longer term schedule for the Coordinated Assessments Project, including a general outline of when the next indicators will come on line. The intent is for the CA project to be a collaborative, consensus based effort. Close contact with HLI users (BPA, NPCC, NOAA, others) and with regional fish and wildlife managers is assured and all entities are welcome to participate. The plan will be revisited annually to ensure alignment with regional priorities and changed as needed. Multiple tasks will occur annually; including populating and automating the data flow for previous indicators with data while developing the next tables for new data components of the Coordinated Assessments DES. Read the plan here: