Population Genomic Data Analysis Course

7th ConGen- Population Genomic Data Analysis Course: Recent Application of Next Gen Sequence Data to Understand Genetic Population Structure and Detect Natural Selection

31-Aug/ 5-Sept 2015, Flathead Lake Biological Station, Montana, USA

Objective: To provide training in conceptual and practical aspects of data analysis for the population and evolutionary genomics of natural and managed populations. Emphasis will be on next generation sequence data analysis (RADs, exon capture, and whole genome sequence analyses) and interpretation of output from recent novel statistical approaches and software programs. The course also will allow daily discussions among young researchers (student participants) and >10 leaders in population genomics (as instructors) to help develop the next generation of conservation and evolutionary geneticists. We will identify and discuss developments needed to improve data analysis approaches. This course will cover analysis methods including the coalescent, Bayesian, approximate Bayesian, and likelihood-based approaches.

Who should apply: Ph.D. students, post-docs, and population biologists with a background of at least one semester university-level course in population genetics and a course in population ecology. Applicants must have a basic background in population genetic data analysis, including testing for Hardy-Weinberg proportions and gametic disequilibrium. Participation will be limited to 25-30 people allowing efficient instruction with hands-on computer exercises during the course. Priority will be given to persons with their own data to analyze (for example graduate students well into their degree program).

Course/Workshop Format: For each subject, we typically provide 30-45 minutes of background, theory, discussion and introduction to concepts. Immediately following, we will conduct data analyses together for 30-60 minutes using relevant software programs and real data sets. Evening hands-on computer sessions and lodging together of the instructors and students in the same location (the beautiful Flathead Lake field station) will allow for extensive exchange and facilitate learning.

For detailed information (on instructors etc.) see http://www.umt.edu/sell/cps/congen/