OR AFS 145th American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting- Call for Moderators

Are you planning to attend the Portland meeting and
considering getting more involved with the meeting
and serving AFS? If so, please consider serving as a
moderator for a contributed session! Moderator
duties include introducing speakers and keeping
presentations on schedule in their session.
Moderating is a very important job and an easy way
to support AFS. AFS meetings are run by volunteers,
so your help is necessary and greatly appreciated!

If you would like to serve as a moderator please
contact Julie Harris (julianne_harris@fws.gov). In
your email, please include your name (as you would
like it written in the program), the organization
where you work, the email address you would like
for us to use in correspondence, your research
interests, and any time constraints you have at the
meeting (e.g., I am author/coauthor of a talk, I know
I am not going to attend on Monday, etc.). We will
accommodate constraints and try to match
moderators with talks they would plan to attend.
Any attendees are welcome to serve as a moderator,
including students! Thank you in advance for your

If you are interested in being a moderator, the
sooner we hear from you the better! In order for us
to finalize the program on time, it would be great if
you could contact us by early June, if possible.

Please contact Julie Harris (julianne_harris@fws.gov) for more information!