WDFW Mussel Monitoring Project Seeks Volunteers

WDFW NEEDS VOLUNTEERS to help accomplish the 2015/16 RSMP mussel monitoring! We want folks willing to commit to the following tasks:

1.go to candidate mussel monitoring site(s) (click here to see site locations) during a daylight low tide this spring/summer to;

  • get permission from the land-owner to access the beach and,
  • evaluate whether a mussel cage can safely and efficiently be placed there.

2.deploy the mussel cage during a range of specified night-time low tides in October 2015, and
3.retrieve the mussel cage during a range of specified low tides in February 2016.

WDFW will provide detailed information about the candidate mussel monitoring sites and instructions on how to evaluate them. Once a site has been confirmed as usable, WDFW will provide the managing volunteers with the mussels, cage, anchors for deployment, and the datasheet they will fill out during deployment. Training will also be provided, if necessary.

In return for your help WDFW will acknowledge all our citizen science volunteer groups in the RSMP Mussel Final Report (summer 2017) and provide hard copies and links. In addition, WDFW will present the results of the RSMP mussel monitoring in a series of talks around the Puget Sound, to which all our volunteers will be invited!

If you would like to participate please email Jen back by May 15, 2015 - noting your location(s) of interest. If you are already a member of a volunteer group, please let us know which one so we can better coordinate our efforts.

Groups that are interested in adding a mussel site to the 2015/16 RSMP effort (at a location of your choosing) can do so for an estimated cost of $2900 per site. Sponsoring an additional mussel site requires the sponsor perform their own site evaluation and manage the deployment and retrieval of their mussel cage. In return WDFW will take the sponsor’s mussels, process and submit them for chemical analysis, compile and quality-control check the resulting data, and send the data to the sponsor. In addition, data from all sponsored sites will be evaluated and discussed in the context of the larger RSMP effort and will be detailed in the RSMP Mussel Final Report (summer 2017). Please email Jen if your group is interested in sponsoring an additional site(s) during the 2015/16 RSMP mussel monitoring field season - noting your location(s) of interest.

Email Jen Lanksbury if you are interested (jennifer.lanksbury@dfw.wa.gov)