BPA seeks Fish Biologist 11/12

Job Close Date: 
April 15, 2015 - 8:59pm

As a Fish Biologist, you will:

  • Locate, review, compile, and analyze electronic and print information on fish and wildlife mitigation and recovery projects BPA has funded since 1981, and their results. Determines whether objectives were met, quantifies those objective and applies results to an overall crediting plan (such as measuring progress against performance standards) for BPA’s fish and wildlife mitigation and recovery responsibilities under the Act and the ESA.
  • Develop criteria for defining quantifiable fish and wildlife mitigation and recovery project contract deliverables.
  • Analyze BPA’s F&W responsibilities to identify current objectives.
  • Define fish and wildlife mitigation and recovery objectives that are measurable, quantifiable and feasible.
  • Identify areas of mitigation and recovery responsibilities that require additional effort.
  • Develop a procedure to indicate whether the mitigation and recovery projects were designed and implemented properly, met the objectives, and provided new insight into ecosystem structure and function.
  • Establish criteria and recommendations for specific project and project categories to be incorporated into the Annual Implementation Plan and progress reports as specified in the Biological Opinion.
  • Develop reports, power point presentations, charts, graphs, and pictorial representation of data to support communication of Fish and Wildlife Policy and Planning objectives.

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