USFWS seeks Fish Biologist 07/09

Job Close Date: 
April 3, 2015 - 8:59pm


• Independently design, conduct and coordinate fisheries studies using a wide variety of sampling techniques and methods to assess anadromous and resident fish populations in the Pacific Northwest
• Collect and analyze field data associated with fisheries studies, develop and maintain databases; compute, compile and summarize data in tabular, graphic, and narrative form; report results in detailed technical reports using computer-based technologies such as spreadsheets, statistical programs, and word processing;
• Coordinate field activities and the exchange of data with county, state, tribal, federal agencies, private contractors, other organizations, and the public;
• Provide leadership, direction and training to subordinate staff in executing biological field activities and other fisheries projects

• Use Passive Integrated Transponder (PIT) tag methods, including PIT tagging juvenile fish, operation of stream spanning antenna arrays, and PIT Tag Information System (PTAGIS) to monitor the movement and life history attributes of fish.
• Assist in budgeting, planning, and work plan preparation, negotiation and execution for fishery activities;
• Assist higher-graded biologists by reviewing draft reports, technical publications and cooperative agreements, and extracting and synthesizing pertinent information for report preparation.

If selected at the GS-07 grade level you will perform the same kind of duties as described above, but under closer supervision and training will be provided for progression towards the full performance level.

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