ICAFS Announces New Workshop

Forecasting adult Chinook Salmon and Steelhead returns to the Snake River basin: working toward a better understanding of current methodology and moving toward a unified approach

The cooperators who manage the Snake River basin generate annual adult return forecasts for hatchery and wild Chinook Salmon and Steelhead returns that are used by various fishery management groups. The forecasts are used by the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) to set harvest seasons in downriver fisheries in the Columbia River and contribute to in-season Chinook Salmon and Steelhead harvest management within the basin. With the diversity of programs and management entities within the basin, forecasts have historically been generated by individual agencies (Nez Perce Tribe, IDFG, USFWS, and ODFW) and methodologies are quite disparate. In an effort to better understand the forecasting process, a workshop is being held to bring individuals together to discuss current methods and determine best-practices for forecasting in the future.

This half-day workshop will take an informal approach and focus on looking at individual models that are currently being employed for forecasting hatchery and wild Chinook Salmon and Steelhead returns to the Snake River basin. There will be representatives from IDFG, USFWS, NPT, and ODFW who are currently generating the forecasts that are sent to TAC for planning purposes. There also may be a TAC representative present to discuss how these forecasts are used to manage Columbia River fisheries. Whether you currently have an active role in forecasting returns to the basin or are simply interested in learning more about the process, your participation in this workshop is encouraged.

Due to the late announcement of this workshop, registration will be conducted via e-mail and payment via check or credit card ($20 for room space and refreshments) will be due the morning of the workshop, March 3rd. Please send an e-mail to Chris Sullivan Chris.sullivan@idfg.idaho.gov to confirm your participation if you are interested in this opportunity.

Early Registration for the Annual Meeting closes at midnight on Feb 6th and reservations for the Grove Hotel ICAFS block of rooms closes Feb 9th. More information is on the website at www.idahoafs.org