Pacific Northwest Aquatic Monitoring Partnership Seeks GS-7

Job Close Date: 
January 30, 2015 - 9:00pm

As a Biologist within the Pacific Northwest Aquatic Monitoring partnership (PNAMP), some of your specific duties will include:

Serve as support staff for PNAMP, including assisting PNAMP Coordinator and Assistant Coordinator to accomplish PNAMP objective.
Provides expertise with respect to establishing design, methods, and protocols for monitoring programs and projects.
Assist with managing and maintaining pages and content at This includes keeping site text up to date; entering/updating methods and protocols; reviewing content; providing online/phone support; and moderating discussions on the Discussion Board.
Provides assistance with briefing documents, issue papers, and backup reading material related to activities associated with monitoring of aquatic resources in the Pacific Northwest.
Assist with workshops by assisting with establishment of the planning subcommittee, process for agenda development, lead preparation logistics for workshop, assist with active facilitation of workshop; and conduct post-workshop follow up work as necessary.

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