Oregon Chapter AFS Call for Ex-Comm Nominations

The Oregon Chapter is the premier chapter of the American Fisheries Society. Serving on the Oregon Chapter Executive Committee is a great way to become an integral and fun part of this amazing legacy. While the chapter will most certainly benefit from your service, successful candidates have a lot to gain including:

  • A great resume booster highlighting your leadership and dedication to the profession
  • Networking opportunities with a diverse and enjoyable group of folks
  • Recognition as a key member of the host chapter for AFS 2015 national meeting in Portland
  • A meaningful way to give back to a chapter that has benefited your career

Officer terms are one to two years (except President-elect which is 3 years) but officers often run for a repeat term (yes, it’s that satisfying). Each position has different qualities and expectations to meet your needs and interests.

Time commitments of some positions are spread evenly during the year and others have bursts of action. Communication is mostly by email, with a single conference call per month and two in-person planning retreats, one each in fall and spring. Travel for chapter business can be reimbursed.

The Oregon Chapter meeting will be held in conjunction with AFS 2015 in Portland, so position descriptions will adapt to this exciting opportunity! As always, our experienced officers will help you learn the well-worn ropes while welcoming your insights and energy.

The positions and general descriptions are:

  • President-elect serves 1 year each as President-elect (chapter liaison to the AFS 2015 planning committee), President (manage ExCom), and Past-president (nominations, trade show, newsletter).
  • Vice-President (resolutions and bylaws, student coordination, raffle-auction).
  • Secretary-Treasurer (chapter and AFS 2015 finances, meeting minutes).
  • Internal Director (manage internal committees (i.e., historian, scholarships and awards) and coordinate some logistical elements of the annual meeting).
  • External Director (manage and motivate the 8-external committees including the development of work plans and budgets).

Elections will be held at electronically this year due to our Annual Meeting being combined with the National Meeting in August.

Your candidacy will be introduced to the membership in the Winter Piscatorial Press via a short statement describing your background and experience relevant to the position sought, and your anticipated contribution to the Chapter.

How can I become a candidate or nominate someone I think would be a good candidate?

If you are interested in a position, or if you know someone who may be interested in a candidate, let Past-President Todd Buchholz know via an email (pastpresident@orafs.org) or phone call ( 541-751-4350). Please provide your contact info (and if you are nominating someone, their contact information) and the position of interest. Nominations and statements are due by Friday, December 19, 2014 to: Todd Buchholz at pastpresident@orafs.org. For detailed information on positions and duties, see the chapter’s administrative handbook.