Farmers Conservation Alliance (FCA) seeks Staff Engineer

Current Openings: September 8, 2014
staff engineer

Full Time Position
Based in Hood River, Oregon

ABOUT FCA: Farmers Conservation Alliance (FCA) is a nonprofit social enterprise that works to create solutions and technologies that benefit both the environment and agriculture. Currently, FCA is on a high growth trajectory as its first technology, the Farmers Screen fish screen, is scaling into new markets and applications. As Farmers Screen sales and FCA continue to expand, FCA is preparing for the launch and development of other technologies and solutions that improve and develop modern agricultural infrastructure as well as resource conservation.

JOB SUMMARY: This is not your typical engineering position. FCA is seeking a unique individual for its staff engineer. An ideal candidate would be an experienced engineer with a proven track record for engineering design; an innovative thinker; someone who enjoys working with teams of people; a person who is passionate about designing and implementing solutions that will benefit both the environment and agriculture; and above all, has a strength for working with and developing relationships with people of all industries, backgrounds, and beliefs.

In a typical week of the staff engineer position, a person could expect to spend time with other FCA team members on Farmers Screen project development, design, design review, and construction. This work would include providing modeling, hydraulic grade lines, and construction management of water diversion and screening projects for irrigation systems, hydropower projects, municipal water supplies, and other applications. Yet, the next day or that same afternoon, support marketing and outreach activities including attendance at conferences, delivering oral presentations, and writing for technical guides and articles. In addition, a staff engineer will be expected to provide insight and support to new products and strategies as well as support the research of development of the Farmers Screen and other current strategies.

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