September Meeting to Share ISTM Report and Discuss Habitat Data Sharing

In the summer of 2014, PNAMP, with help from regional partners, finalized the ISTM Habitat Objectives 1&2 Report. This report summarizes work to compare the goals, objectives, protocols, and inference domains of habitat status and trends monitoring programs in the Lower Columbia ESU. In addition to identifying the measurements and metrics that seven Lower Columbia monitoring programs had in common, an effort was made to determine the “shareability” of the most commonly calculated site-level metrics. For the full results, see the final report here:

The ISTM Habitat work is already being used by other ongoing efforts. The PNAMP Habitat Data Sharing project ( will use the report as a stepping off point to facilitate a series of discussions on what metrics to share and how to share them. This series will be kicked off on September 4, 2014 at PNAMP’s Habitat Data Sharing Meeting. The meeting agenda and supporting documents can be found at: : Please contact Amy Puls ( with any questions.