2015 PIT Tag Workshop Announced


PTAGIS AND Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission will be holding a PIT Tag Workshop at Skamania Lodge, January 27-30, 2015 . Please mark your calendars and look for more information coming in the near future. The best way to ensure that you receive future information about the workshop is to subscribe to the PTAGIS newsletter:http://www.ptagis.org/resources/subscribe. PTAGIS will be using this list to distribute all information about the workshop.

The PTAGIS team held several information sessions throughout the region in January and February of this year. The follow-up survey indicated that these sessions were well received, but there were many requests for more in-depth training on the new reporting system. We also periodically receive requests for training on PTAGIS tagging and interrogation software. The 2015 workshop will be an ideal venue to provides in-depth trainins, along with presentations from researchers using PIT tag technology.

If you are interested in attending the 2015 workshop, please take the time to complete this short survey about what you are interested in seeing at the workshop: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/2015workshop