OCAFS Nongame Native Fish Workshop Announced

All are welcome at the 2014 Nongame Native Fish Workshop that will be held near French Glen, OR September 3-4. The featured species will be Blitzen River Whitefish and Borax Lake Chub. This workshop is free to all participants. Participants will be camping at Page Springs Campground September 3rd and BLM is currently determining if participants can stay there through an administrative reservation.

The workshop will include presentations from experts that work with the species and field sampling. Participants will develop an understanding of the species, it’s habitat, challenges it encounters, and conservation management actions.

If you plan on participating, please RSVP Native Fish Committee Chair James Capurso (jcapurso@fs.fed.us) by August 15,to ensure we have enough campground space. Please include your email and phone contact information.