SERNW/GB Call for Presenters for Urban Streams Restoration

There is an opportunity at the Society for Ecological Restoration Northwest and Great Basin Chapters’ joint conference in Bend, Oregon, this October 6-10 to include a concurrent session or symposium specific to restoration of urban streams. Of particular interest would be state-of-the-art projects and research focused on ecologically oriented solutions to problems facing urban streams, including:

  • Day-lighting of streams.
  • Fish passage and instream habitat improvements.
  • Flood hazard reduction methods.
  • Main channel, side channel, and accessible floodplain restoration.
  • Streambank and floodplain edge armoring to protect adjacent development.
  • Bridges and utilities crossings.
  • Riparian restoration (soils, re-planting, invasive plants/animals control, wildlife habitat).
  • Incorporation of beavers.
  • Urban stormwater mitigation; Low Impact Development (LID) methodologies.
  • Sanitary wastewater disposal methods.
  • Integration of trails and other recreational facilities.
  • Openspace and economic benefits.
  • Restoration versus enhancement; indigenous versus novel ecosystems.
  • Mapping, assessments, and monitoring.
  • Ongoing operations and maintenance strategies, including funding.

Please contact Tom Hesseldenz at if you have any ideas or suggestions, or would be interested in being a presenter or have any recommendations for potential presenters. Abstracts are due by June 30, but our immediate focus is to get a sense of how to best incorporate this topic into the conference.