Request for Qualifications and Quotations for the State of Washington- Salmon Recovery Funding Board Monitoring Panel

The Salmon Recovery Funding Board (SRFB) was established by the legislature in 1999. Its mission is to support salmon recovery by funding habitat protection and restoration projects. Through its programs and activities, the SRFB produces sustainable and measurable benefits for fish and their habitat. Beginning in 2000, the SRFB established policies authorizing the types of funding-eligible projects and an evaluation process for selecting projects. In addition, each grant cycle has employed the services of an independent expert review panel from engineering, fish ecology, and natural resources management fields. The expert panel advises the board on habitat and protection projects to be funded.

In 2003 the SRFB established a Draft Monitoring Evaluation Strategy.
The aim of the Strategy is to determine how well restoration works. This information guides the SRFB in decision making for projects and programs. The three monitoring types highlighted in the Strategy are commonly defined as follows:

  • Effectiveness monitoring is the evaluation of the local effects (both physical and biological) of a project on its immediate surroundings.
  • Intensively monitored watersheds (IMWs), is an integrated suite of monitoring efforts at multiple scales within the same watershed (or set of watersheds). It is designed to reveal any cause–effect relationships between restoration actions in those watersheds and fish populations.
  • Status and trends monitoring, focuses on enumerating the passage of fish in and out of the major river systems of Washington State on an annual basis.
  • The current Request for Qualification and Quotations is posted on at . The purpose
    is to develop a “candidate pool” to serve on the monitoring panel. The panel will provide the board with recommendations for funding the different monitoring components and guide the board in the implementation of monitoring programs.

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