Monitoring Explorer development started

Over the last several months, PNAMP and Sitka have begun development of the Monitoring Explorer feature. It currently provides access to a full-featured interactive GIS map that utilizes ArcGIS Server and several common layers for the region. The work to populate sites (locations) in the Monitoring Explorer began in fall of 2013. We currently have a full integration, meaning automatic updates when there are changes, to CHaMP sites and BPA RM&E project locations. We have also received monitoring site metadata from other large monitoring programs in the region and have uploaded it into the Monitoring Explorer. These sites include information from the USFS PIBO and AREMP programs, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality Ambient Water Quality and National Rivers and Streams programs, and the Washington Department of Ecology Watershed Health and Salmon Recovery program. These data are not fully integrated in the sense that the Monitoring Resources system does not yet have an active web service link to the database where the location information is stored, so cannot be automatically updated. We recommend making these linkages fully integrated in the coming year, as well as setting up additional linkages with other organizations.