Fisheries Biologist 11/12 with US Fish and Wildlife Service

Job Close Date: 
March 24, 2014 - 11:59pm

The Klamath Falls Fish and Wildlife Service is advertising a GS-11/12 Senior Fisheries Biologist position. This is a very important position for the KFFWO, serving as the lead for working with BOR, NMFS, and the Tribes on water management and other issues that relate to listed suckers. Although section 7 work is a major duty for this position, there is still ample opportunity to work with the Sucker Recovery Biologist in our office, the Fisheries Program, TNC, The Klamath Tribes, and others like USGS to do research and proactive actions for suckers.

Please pass this on to staff and anyone that may be interested. The announcement closes on March 24 and is available at The position is being advertised for status candidates and contrary to the announcement, does involve reasonable travel to carry out position duties.