A Workshop on the Taxonomy of Western North American Dytiscidae and Other Aquatic Beetle Families and Stand Taxonomic Effort in the Pacific Northwest

The Southwestern Association of Freshwater Invertebrate Taxonomists (SAFIT) is sponsoring a two-day workshop (March 27-28, 2014) providing comprehensive instruction on the taxonomy, identification, and natural history of western North American aquatic Coleoptera (beetles), with an emphasis on Dytiscidae.

The course instructor is: Dr. Kelly Miller, Associate Professor of Biology, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque. Kelly’s entomological interests and research are varied, and include the systematics of Embioptera, Coleoptera and Orthoptera; phylogenetic analysis; DNA sequence data; parsimony analysis; Bayesian analysis; sexual selection and more. Miller Lab of Insect Systematics

Pacific Northwest Standard Taxonomic Effort (March 29): Robert Wisseman, Sean Sullivan and John Pfeiffer will present a one-day workshop on our efforts to establish a standard taxonomic effort for benthic biomonitoring samples in the Pacific Northwest. We will include updated digital and/or print keys, figures and references for many taxa. Bring any problematic specimens you may have for the lab portion.

An additional day for a field trip in the local area is tentatively planned.

Attendees will receive a complete introduction to the biology and taxonomy of the aquatic Coleoptera of western North America as well as training in the proper preparation of specimens for study. Attendees will also receive identification manuals and supporting materials prepared by the instructors for this workshop, including new keys and figures.

Additionally, feel free to bring problematic specimens from any freshwater invertebrate group as there will be many specialists attending the workshop who would be willing to assist on identification.

Oregon State University
Nash Hall, Room 33
Corvallis, OR

Cost to Attend:
SAFIT Members: $300
Non-members: $400
*You must be an active member of SAFIT for 2014 at the time of registration to register for the workshop at the reduced fee*

If you are interested in attending or have any questions, please contact Wendy Willis wendy@aquabio.org

We have room for 70 participants in this workshop and these seats will be filled on a first come first serve basis. We will accept participants up to the day of the workshop or until all seats are filled. To ensure your place in this workshop, please send registration payments by March 1st, 2014.

For additional details and online registration go to: http://safit.org/event.html