ISTM Mainstem Framework Report Complete

We are pleased to share the latest product from the ISTM Project:"Status and Trends Monitoring of the mainstem Columbia River – Sample frame development and review of programs relevant to the development of an integrated approach to monitoring" (to access the report, go to:

This report presents progress towards the completion of the stepwise process to facilitate the development of an ISTM for the mainstem Columbia River. As in previous products from the ISTM component focused on fish population monitoring, we discuss planning and regulatory documents that can be used to identify monitoring goals and objectives and present existing monitoring and research activities that should be considered as the development of a Columbia River ISTM proceeds. We also report progress towards the development of sample frames for the Columbia and Snake Rivers and their floodplains and aspects of response and survey designs as they pertain to the formulation of a mainstem Columbia River ISTM.

We thank USGS staff Tim Counihan, Jill Hardiman, and Steve Waste for completing this report!