Oregon Chapter AFS 50th Annual Meeting - Final Reminder for Abstracts!

Abstracts for the 50th annual meeting are due this Friday – don’t miss your chance to present!

The theme for this year’s meeting is: “Reflecting on Our Past, Focusing on Our Present, and Preparing for Our Future.” This year’s technical sessions will aim to relate historical perspectives to the most pertinent topics of today and how we as fisheries professionals are approaching current issues to provide future direction.

A number of sessions are being developed including topics on: Riparian Management Techniques, Reservoir and Lake Management, Natural Production, Statistical Methods, Lamprey, Marine Resources, Fish Passage and Screening, and Native Fish.

Consider convening a session around your area of expertise and interest, solicit presenters, and submit abstracts as a package otherwise you can simply submit a contributed paper. To get a poster or paper scheduled for the meeting, you must submit an abstract through our website: www.orafs.org. Click on annual meeting tab and follow the quick and easy steps to submit your abstracts and to register today.

Deadline for abstracts is December 13th, 2013 so don’t delay

If you are interested or have questions about convening a session or submitting an abstract contact Mike Gauvin at PresidentElect@orafs.org. Thank you.

Submit an award nomination today!

Go to our website and nominate the hardworking peer, the inspirational mentor, the energetic teacher, the partner from another agency, the private landowner who worked so hard to do that great habitat work, or the team who overcame great obstacles to accomplish something unique. Deadline for nominations is December 20th 2013. For more information contact Awards Chair Colleen Fagan (colleen.e.fagan@state.or.us ; 541-962-1835) or Michele Weaver (michele.h.weaver@state.or.us ; 541-947-6254)